The best mattress topper for larger people with back pain: Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper (firm) If you’re petite… Then thickness isn’t really that important. Octaspring Body Zone (Best in Cooling) For a body temperature that tends to rise while sleeping, the Octaspring Body Zone is our best cooling mattress topper choice. So we've simplified this process for you by picking out what we think is the best overall latex mattress topper, as well as the most comfortable, and the most supportive. The Top Reason You Should Buy The Organic Textiles Latex Mattress Topper. Comes with a free cover made of organic bamboo material. Extend the life of your mattress while getting your best nightâs sleep with Dream, The Spa Sensations Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress Topper cradles you in comfort, as it molds to the natural shape of your body for customized sleep. Built and manufactured in the United States. With this one, your pain will be reduced in no time. Breathable, Comfortable Cooling Bed Pad / Made in The USA, Sleep Studio 2" Orthopedic 5-Zone Foam Mattress Topper, Dream Serenity Gel Memory Foam 3" Mattress Topper, 1 Each, Twin, Spa Sensations by Zinus 4" Memory Foam Mattress Topper With Theratouch, Queen. That’s why we picked their latex mattress topper as the best option for people who experience back pain and need immediate pressure and pain relief. RECCI Memory Foam Mattress Topper Small Double, Pressure Relief Mattress Topper for Back Pain, Gel Infused Foam Mattress Topper Cooling & Breathable CertiPUR-EU (Small Double Size - 120x190x5 cm) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 Because the 2" base layer of American-made gel-infused latex provides the spring and bounce you need to keep your spine in alignment and take the pressure off your body as you sleep. Both the latex and cotton used are breathable and therefore remain cool to sleep on. However it's the extra comfort that makes this latex topper an attractive option. It's easy to maintain a healthy sleeping posture on the latex as it pushes back against your body weight. And being made via the Dunlop process, it is springy and supportive which is great for your back. Which means it is a high quality latex that is durable and healthy and safe to sleep on. A mattress topper is that detachable bedding that provides comfort on your bed. Latex relieves pressure on your body making it easier to get into a deeper sleep. This article contains affiliate links from which we may earn a commission when you buy. Whether you choose a memory foam mattress topper or something made out of natural latex, this simple investment could easily transform the way you sleep. However the Talalay processed latex is softer than Dunlop processed latex. Best for Back Pain: OrganicTextiles 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go searching for a mattress topper. Purchasing a mattress topper can be an affordable way to transform your sleep surface without the investment or commitment of buying a new mattress. Contact me anytime, if you need help. 2. But by making sure you choose the right type of latex topper, you can avoid these drawbacks and reap the rewards for both the health of your back and your overall sleep quality. I am a doctor, gynecologist and pediatric therapist from California. Molds to your body providing pressure relief, but not as soft and comfortable as memory foam. However, each of them has a different mechanism which works marvel. When you sleep on latex it's good for eliminating motion transfer so you won't disturb your partner during the night. I hope you now have a good idea of the benefits that a latex topper can bring you and your ​mattress. However one latex topper that bucks this trend a little is the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Topper. 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Best Latex Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers, Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Firm - 2 Inch - Queen Size (GOLS Certified Organic), ViscoSoft 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper King | Select High Density Ventilated Mattress Pad, Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Soft - 3 Inch - Queen Size (GOLS Certified Organic), Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Medium Firmness - 3 Inch - King Size (GOLS Certified Organic), ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper Full | Serene 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Pad & Cover, Starcast Sleep Solution Extra Thick Mattress Topper(King Size),Cooling Cotton Plush Down Alternative Fill Mattress Pad Cover,Gel Fiber Filled Bed Pillowtop,Fits Mattress Upto 21'' DEEP Pocket, D & G THE DUCK AND GOOSE CO Overfilled Extra Thick Mattress Topper Queen Size, Gel Fiber Filled Bed Topper Mattress Pad Pillowtop. Latex mattress toppers are known for providing great support. Back pain is a common issue that afflicts a large portion of the population. The Latex For Less Topper is a great option to consider when you find yourself searching for the best mattress for back pain. Pressure points are relieved, muscles relax, and you can enjoy the quality sleep needed to tackle, The Dream Serenity mattress topper has a generous 3 inches of gel memory foam for the ideal balance of sink-in comfort and revitalizing support. Viscosoft Serene Latex Hybrid Mattress Topper, Organic Textiles Organic Latex Mattress Topper. Please open your mattress topper within 72 hours of receipt and allow 48 hours for it to return to, Hello, my name is Emma Bishop. And although it's not a purely natural latex topper (it's 80% synthetic and 20% natural latex), it's CertiPUR-US certified so it's perfectly safe and healthy to sleep on. All of these are great choices but for different reasons, which I'll go into in depth in the reviews. Fortunately, it’s not always necessary to dish out big money on a new one. Click Here To View The Viscosoft Serene Latex Hybrid Mattress Topper. While latex mattress toppers give great support, some people are reluctant to buy one as they are not as soft and comfortable as a memory foam mattress topper. Most latex toppers are also healthy to sleep on and good for the environment (especially 100% natural latex). I'm a psychology graduate and a veteran of 5 spinal surgeries. Mattress toppers can be especially beneficial for providing relief for aches and pains, but finding the best mattress topper for back pain requires a bit of knowledge about the materials, styles, and features that will best aid in relief This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And a big draw is the extra comfort you gain from the pillow top layer, which is a real plus for many people. Out of the hundreds of options out there, the Avocado Green Organic Latex Mattress Topper comes out on “top” as our best mattress topper for back pain. Adding this mattress topper is the easy and practical way to upgrade your sleep experience. Instead of cradling your body like memory foam does, latex will rise up to meet the contours of your body, absorbing your weight and pressure and pushing your spine into correct alignment. Some users have reported that it feels a bit too firm for their liking. Latex mattress toppers may not be quite as popular as their memory foam counterparts but the best products provide an almost unparalleled level of support — ideal for lower back pain sufferers. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Toppers are normally used to provide additional softness for mattresses that are overly firm, as well as extra support for mattresses that sag. The best latex mattress toppers are great for people with back pain, as they offer a mixture of spring, support, and comfort. Certain blends of latex may contain harmful chemicals (stick to 100% natural latex to be on the safe side). Best mattress toppers for fibromyalgia sufferers can be hard to find, especially when you don’t what type of mattress will help to alleviate pain. 15 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Loved One With Back Pain. The push back in the latex keeps your spine in alignment, relieving pressure. Well, not when compared to the firmness of It's really good for relieving pressure on your body as you sleep. This 3-inch thick mattress topper is made from 100 percent TEMPUR-material, offering up a firm base for those who sleep best with sturdy support. My Favourite Latex Mattress Topper For Back Pain. The spring of the latex pushes back against your body weight as you lie on it, which helps you to maintain a healthy sleeping posture and relieve pressure on your body. Composition: A Latex-based or memory foam mattress topper are made to alleviate chronic back pain as you sleep. The spring of the Dunlop latex stops you from sinking in too far and keeps your spine in alignment. The latex has a 5 lbs density which gives it a similar feel to a medium-firm mattress, which is also beneficial to your back. So if you're looking for a good all-rounder I'd say go for the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper. However if you want a softer topper that offers greater comfort and pressure relief, then the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Topper may suit you better. There is especially good edge support in this topper. It's also the most natural and safe option to sleep on here too. You won't sink into the latex, so there's less pressure on your joints. The best latex mattress toppers are great for people with back pain, as they offer a mixture of spring, support, and comfort. Also read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. So to sleep on latex can help you to maintain a healthy sleeping posture that relieves the pressure on your body. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. So, if you like to sleep on a really firm bed, check out the Organic Textiles Latex Mattress Topper. While the 1.5" top layer made from down-alternative pillow top gives you the extra cushioning and comfort to relax and enjoy a deeper and more restorative sleep. As it will react to your body's movements throughout the night, keeping you nicely aligned and in a good sleeping posture, which will relieve pressure on your body. It has great pressure relieving qualities which allows you to relax and get into a deeper sleep. Organic 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Medium Firmness - 3 Inch - King Size - Organic Cover Included. "": ";s"+screen.width+"*"+screen.height+"*"+(screen.colorDepth? However, the latex is responsive and provides the push back you need to keep your spine in alignment. Orthopedic foam remakes your mattress by adding an extra layer of cushioning – with 5 zones that give each area of the body proper support. Talalay processed latex is also more breathable and therefore cooler to sleep on. However while they can be great for those of us with back pain, there are a few downsides that mean they won't be for everyone. But if you don't mind sleeping on a firmer topper, then it will still be comfortable for you. And Organic Textiles claim that this topper also features a pressure point relief system as well as extra support along the edges, so you won't find it lacking in the support department. However this firmness may mean it's not comfortable enough for some people. In fact, being the firmest topper that we've featured here means it has even greater support for your back. However some people might need that little bit more. Click here for our full review of the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Topper. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. We have compiled a detailed list of 5 best mattress Latex is a durable and long-lasting material, so won't sag or lose it's shape. Which is why we've selected the Pure Green Natural Latex Topper as our top choice, because it's both of these things and more. The best latex mattress topper for back pain, The latex mattress topper from Pure Green is top dog here, as it's dense, breathable, and provides great spring and support for your body throughout the night. And this latex also has a 5 lbs density, giving it a medium-firm feel which is great for people with back pain. Click Here To View The Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Topper On Amazon. Latex mattress toppers are also great for individuals who require more support or find the memory foam But first let's look at the main benefits you'll get from using a latex mattress topper. As there are many different choices you need to make, such as whether to go for natural or synthetic blended latex, or latex made by the Talalay or Dunlop process method. The latex molds to the contours of your body easing tension. Has a medium-soft feel, so not as strong a support as the other latex toppers featured here. Best Latex Mattress Topper For Obese People If you’ve tried memory foam mattresses in the past, and find you get too hot, even with cooling gel infused, a good alternative is to invest in a 100% natural latex topper that doesn’t Unlike memory foam, which can feel a bit too plush, especially for heavier sleepers, latex foam provides pressure relief while also supporting your body. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The Top Reason You Should Buy The Viscosoft Serene Latex Hybrid Topper. Latex For Less ensures that their topper is healthy for you and the environment. Firmest support of all the toppers featured here, although still gives a medium-firm feel. Great for relieving pressure and allowing you to get into a deeper sleep. Home Mattress Reviews Best Latex Mattress Topper For Back Pain Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Firm - 2 Inch - Queen Size (GOLS Certified Organic) Luckily, there are potential solutions to explore. And it also needs to be healthy and safe to sleep on. They are cool to sleep on, being breathable and made with open cells so they won't trap body heat. Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain The term ‘ mattress topper ‘ refers to an individual layer of cushioning that rests on top of the bed’s sleep surface. Once I was in the same boat when my wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, over time, we have used many different types of mattress toppers. Mattress Topper: Our Picks for Best Tippers fo Lower Back Pain Best Overall Mattress Topper – Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProForm Mattress Topper Tempur-Pedic is a brand that has made a name for itself in the mattress industry, and with good reason. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Our experts tested a wide variety of mattress toppers and compiled them all into a list, to help you pick the best option for you. So all in all this you are getting a really nice mix of comfort, support, and quality with the Pure Green topper. As this one gives you the best of both worlds. You want a supportive latex topper but don't want to sleep directly on the latex. So your back should feel much healthier in no time when you sleep on latex. document.write(", is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You enjoy sleeping on firm mattresses and want a natural and healthy latex topper to recreate that on your own bed. Forget your back pain in less than a week with pocket-friendly stellar mattress toppers. This topper is made 100% from natural latex harvested from rubber tree sap in Sri Lanka, so doesn't contain any synthetic blends, fillers, or harmful chemicals. So it's great for relieving pressure and helping you get a deep and restorative sleep. So if you want to get the maximum level of support from your topper, you should check this one out from Organic Textiles. Why we chose it If you're searching for a mattress topper that can help manage back pain, the Latex Mattress Australia Latex Mattress Topper … Economical Probably the best benefits of having a mattress topper for lower back pain is they're a less expensive substitute for purchasing a new bed mattress. And this places extra pressure and strain onto your back, neck, shoulders, and joints. EcoInstitut, Okeo-tex and Greenguard certified as being low in VOCs. Back sleepers with back pain will need a mattress that’s firm enough to support the lower back. A memory foam mattress topper is the best for back pain relief; pillow top memory foam topper is ideal if the pain is severe. Best mattress topper for heating: Slumberland Luxury Heated Mattress Topper Best mattress topper for cooling ... Side sleepers and anyone who suffers from back pain should consider a … However it's still safe to sleep on, being Oeko-Tex certified as free from containing harmful chemicals (although those that are susceptible to allergies may want to stick to 100% natural latex toppers instead). Breathable latex foam so sleeps cool and doesn't trap body heat. As this is a natural, supportive, comfortable, and healthy topper to sleep on. As this one has more bounce to it and is a little bit softer to sleep on. So, a good compromise is to find a hybrid mattress topper that has the latex support you are looking for but also comes with an alternative sleeping surface. The lighter you are, the more likely it is that you will need a softer mattress. A latex mattress topper can breathe new life into your old mattress by adding support, spring and comfort, which is great for those of us with back pain. Good quality latex mattress toppers can be quite expensive. Some people may not like the feeling of sleeping directly on latex. Simba Hybrid Mattress Review – Is It Any Good For Your Back? screen.colorDepth:screen.pixelDepth))+";u"+escape(document.URL)+ ";"+Math.random()+ "' alt=''"+ "border='0' width='88' height='31'><\/a>") It's not a 100% natural latex topper like the one from Pure Green, instead being made up from 60% synthetic blends and 40% natural latex. Copyright text 2019 by The Viscosoft Serene Latex Hybrid Mattress Topper is a great choice for someone who wants a mixture of comfort and support from their latex topper. Features Claimed to be eight-times cooler than a traditional foam mattress topper, this model uses pressure-relieving visco-elastic surface for a top layer. Memory foam, latex foam and air mattresses are the best for minimizing sleep discomfort and preventing back pain. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 3" thick and made from a blended latex (60% synthetic, 40% natural). 3.5" thick and made from a 2" base layer of gel-infused latex foam and a 1" top layer of down-alternative pillow top. And finally you could check out the Viscosoft Serene Latex Hybrid Mattress Topper if you want a good hybrid choice that gives you a mixture of comfort and support. A memory foam mattress topper typically © – 100% Ultimate Shopping Guides | Blog,