I don't expect them to pull a Truman Show, where the backs of sets aren't completed and the extras go on lunch break, but it would be cool if some comicworld scenarios make general sense but aren't logical to someone with area expertise like Yeon Joo - I want to see how much the world is constrained by Dad's concepts. =P, As a former mathlete, I'm enjoying all the maths happening right now xD. (Though Kim so Hyun is pretty addictive to watch too. Watching kang Chul's world unfold feels like reading a comic book itself. Me too, laughed at his parents death scene, it was just so dramaic and truly in comics style, I don't exactly feel bad about it, his life was such a thriller and it seemed like author didn't intend to make it too dark or serious. that they hired a Lee Jong Suk fan who's been doing fanarts for him. Yay. I loved the first episode. Especially Nine. Latest Episode. He happily announces that her father is okay too, because he just finished the latest issue. I can't wait to find out more about the cartoonist/father, too. Now we all journey to the unknown that is episode 2! And after a year of living in agony this way, he decides to end it all. Welp hopefully the show will draw me in later, but for all the hype I was hearing, this show didn't amaze me in any way. Dad hasn’t contacted them, but he made the deadline, and even saved Kang Chul. aww I recommend you to continue watching Uncontrollably Fond.. the storyline is actually good and their love story is definitely moving me. She asks where all this is going, and finally Crazy Dog says, “Gimme some spoilers!” LOL. I saw someone was talking about how their bed scenes may be broadcast through the webtoon. First episodes tend to be overdone a bit both from an acting and directing standpoint. Or something far more nefarious? Because the show kept Dad completely in the dark this hour and I can't wait to see just what he's been up to. I was too lazy to write it, but I completely agree. They miss the winning goal of the game, and the cheering crowd on the television is a stark contrast to the bloody scene. Switch Tagalog dub October 18,2018 Part 4 Thailand Lakorn Drama on GMA ... Switch Tagalog dub October 18,2018 Part 1 Thailand Lakorn Drama on GMA Heart of Asia. Or how did he get to be so rich in 2016? They searched everywhere, to no avail. I can see why Korea is in love with him and would have rioted if Dad had killed him off. Episode 8. What I find strange is that since Kang Chul is trying to stay alive, why doesn't the cartoonist just write give Kang Chul his revenge by letting him find his family's killer. Connect with Facebook It'll be interesting too to see if Kang Chul has the opportunity to enter the real world and experience the limitations of reality. How did he meet them? If that happens I will die from second hand embarrasement! Title: Su-bong switches on the monitor, and there’s a drawing of a man covered in blood. If she has no knowledge as doctor, she wouldn't know what she had to do with his bleeding lung, she probably didn't even know his lung was bleeding. Actually his body proportions do not add to 100%. 9.5/10 from 8 users. }; She seemed to go overboard with her acting. How fitting that 'W- Two Worlds' is premiering on the same day that Comic Con begins in San Diego. This drama has an original script. You remember the scene in the bridge where KangChul was about to jump? I mean he looks good but not that handsome...however his cartoon character is definitely handsome! I was blown by the attention to the artwork that was given. And I know I have colored eyes when it comes to LJS but I am so happy I am his fan. I would never do that. }); I loved it! As a regular manga and manhwa reader I can tell you Ive never seen manhwa that looks so realistic lol and as a longtime PS user I can also attest to the ability of PS for turning LJS into manhwa form using filters :). IKR. I also prepare myself for him or his drama to disappoint me. temptation of wife korean drama tagalog version episode 1. It had everything to look promising: the story, the execution, and Han Hyo Joo&Lee Jong Suk together. This is sort of dark to admit but I was laughing when Lee Jong-seok character's parents were being killed. I do wonder though if you're were slightly (and maybe unconsciously) affected by the thought that there's a "source material". The comic book fan in me was just geekily excited! Su-bong is quite the drama queen and punctuates his report to Yeon-joo with: “And he disappeared… without a trace.” He wonders if they should call the cops, but while Yeon-joo agrees that it’s weird, not enough time has passed for them to consider Dad missing. We see him return to an empty house after a year of imprisonment, and cry alone in his dark house. Yeon-joo sits off to the side and sighs that Crazy Dog should’ve seen this, and wonders if she’s one of those naturally-gifted doctors who do better in action than in practice. Ever so slowly she turns around… and we see a bloody hand grabbing onto her jacket with a vice grip. It would be cool though if that's true. Episode 4. LJS tends to lean a bit feminine for Koreans, which is why some negative comments about him complain that his looks are "more fitting for second lead than main protagonist". Please check the facts correctly. It was a beautiful mess. So-hee argues that Chul has no memory of the attack, and he says it’s just a gut feeling. About Episodes Subtitle team Reviews & Comments. Korean Movies(Tagalog Version). Omgee. Can't wait for next eps .. We may have fully accepted the premise of this drama, but she's the one experiencing it. It is NOT based on some comic books. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Training Guide It is .... 1dream high full movie tagalog version free downloaddream high 1 full movie ... (Korean drama 2016)Doctors episode 1 tagalog version full HD 2016 HD - .. Likeable Or Not Korean Drama Tagalog Version Full --DOWNLOAD. I am hooked! In fact I think I'm going to watch it again. It also feels like they're deliberately framing some of the comicworld shots to match up with comic conventions. His coach (and father) is breathless as they wait for the results… and it’s a bulls-eye! Elsewhere in a messy hospital office, a phone rings endlessly while two residents doze away in bunk beds. Main categories korean, musical, drama, worlds within. But the actor playing Kang Chul is not acting enough too. Art seems to be imitating life quite a bit these days. This drama is so pleasing as a manga fan. I think I might be in a minority because I only liked it okay. The possibilities are mind bending... Thursday I need you!!! Yeon-joo doesn’t know what to say and answers, “I’m sorry, for being just Oh Yeon-joo.”. The slow-paced, old fashioned romance added to this nostalgic feel as did the mysterious music score. Was it Chul’s desperation that broke through and pulled her into his world, or was it her earnest desire for him not to die that made it possible? The assistants are facing a deadline today without knowing how the story ends, and Su-bong is beside himself with worry, knowing how uncharacteristic it is of Yeon-joo’s father to miss a publication deadline. Thank you for the recap girlfriday, that was fast (despite your busy schedule)! (2016). Signal is a masterpiece. Episode 4. MY GIRLFRIEND IS A "GUMIHO". What is it that’s pulling them towards one another? Or are they both just puppets being directed by Dad, or someone else? She is a natural! if (d.getElementById(id)) return; There’s just a really compelling conflict here, between the father who inexplicably wants to kill off the hero that made his career, and the daughter who wants to save him. HHJ is never a great actress people make her to be... Black Tagalog Version [Tagalog Dubbed] GurumusTV. Yeon-joo laughs it off and says Dad probably stayed up all night drinking as usual, but Su-bong says no one’s seen or heard from him before last night, and Dad wasn’t at any of his usual bars or with any of his friends, and he even left his cell phone behind. It’s Me! Create your website today. I sympathise with HHJ too, I was wondering what real world skill I could bring to a webtoon alternative universe. I find her endearing though, because she confesses to be rather average at her job and seems equally excited to be linked to Kang Chul as she is confused about the whole thing. Yeon-joo gasps, “What is this? It's bad timing to be putting forward a sub-par episode if it's competing with W for the time slot. 07 Січ 2021 Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) is … I love his camaraderie with his assistant, whom I suppose has a crush on him. The amount of thought put into the motivations and personality of all of those characters gives me high, high hopes regarding this writer. Come to me my precious!!!! There are a few good dramas that did not rate as high, and there are high rating dramas that are not "quality" dramas. ), Kim Soo Hyun has really nice good teeth and laugh.. :), Oh my god, I love it. Angeline grows up responsible and compassionate while Heidi, fueled by ambition and envy, secretly detests Angeline and always feels inferior next to her. I actually liked her acting alot. It's just that in every drama his character always loses his parents, when will he be able to keep his parents?? Lead prosecutor HAN CHUL-HO interrogates Chul and says there are two witnesses placing him at the scene, and reminds him of a drunken outburst the week before, when Chul had complained to his friends about Dad’s meddling, and said he wished Dad weren’t around. Oh Sung Moo writes the most popular webtoon series known as "W," disappears on the day before he is supposed to finish the final episode of the webtoon. But my Manga/anime love is something else!! <3. All of those particular ideal characteristics aren't that physically appealing to me personally, probably because I'm not from Korea. Disappointing because I thought it had finally hit its stride in ep 5. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Chul looks at Yeon-joo’s card again and says, “Oh Yeon-joo… where are you now?” This fades into a webtoon frame, and Yeon-joo is flabbergasted to read it. Yeon-joo finds stacks of indecipherable notes on Dad’s desk, and pauses at one—a copy of Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son (about the Greek god who devoured one of his children out of fear that he’d be overthrown). The first half of Healer was executed very well. Tagalog korean drama monday, january 7, 2013 watch tagalog dub by clicking the link below pilot episode april 16, 2012 full part ep 2 april 17, 2012 full part ep. But the real him.....just meh (don't get me wrong, I love him too), ikr, I'm one of those people who don't find LJS as handsome as everything says. All I know is that I want mooooooeeerrr. It paid off avoiding spoilers and not reading about this drama. Su-bong says it wasn’t him, but agrees that it makes no sense to kill off Kang Chul. Episode 58 Full Episode S 1 : Ep 58 - 12/28/10 go. Movie/Television Studio. I read somewhere (I think soompi forums?) This whole episode reeked of mystery & I enjoyed it. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Yeon-joo tells him that Dad’s not the one drawing these: “It’s just happening, ever since Kang Chul didn’t die!” She knows she sounds nuts, but says, “Kang Chul is alive and looking for me! Iris (Korean: 아이리스; RR: Airiseu) is a 2009 South Korean espionage television drama series, starring Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-hee, Jung Joon-ho, Kim Seung-woo, Kim So-yeon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) of Big Bang.The plot revolves around two best friends from the 707th Special Mission Battalion recruited into a secret South Korean black ops agency known as the National … Er, a dying person. W is crazy good! We send all our love and strength to continue! Go Back Couple Episode 1. Do Bong-soon is a woman born with superhuman strength that comes from the long line of women possessing it. But this fame is interrupted when the unknown Murderer massacres his family, and he is erroneously accused of the crime. Despite knowing what this is all about, I was absolutely thrilled with this episode. that's the million dollar question cause I haven't seen any..... yet. Is he addicted to this kind of characters? it feels as if you created an impression based on the cliche that "adaptations are never really good enough!". ^_^. The question that stumps her is why she was up here on the roof, and she suddenly flashes back to being in Dad’s office before this. So-hee finds the assessment over-the-top, and assumes it’s because the doc was pretty and he fell for her at first sight. And I have watched every preview, every BTS, every picture shot, everything that has been discussed. As his body starts to fall forward, Yeon-joo narrates that in that split-second, one phrase came to his mind: “come-from-behind victory,” the way he’d ultimately won his gold medal. The seventeen-year-old shooter is competing in his very first international competition, and the sportscasters introduce him as KANG CHUL (Lee Jong-seok). !She's also basically the only source of comic relief in an otherwise very tense, suspenseful drama so I really enjoyed her scenes. 18 years later, Jin Joo is exhausted from taking care of their child alone, ... Korean Drama Calendar; Top 100 Korean Dramas; The shooter mercilessly guns down Dad, then the little brother, and the little sister, all four of them shot right in the center of the forehead like a twisted bulls-eye. She happily tosses the phone to her sleeping colleague KANG SEOK-BUM (Kang Ki-young), when she sees that “Crazy Dog” is calling his phone. It is believable given the situation she is in now. From what I've read and seen, it appears that Korea has a very specific set of standards when it comes to ideal beauty for men and women. Like GirlFriday wrote - the image is an "about the Greek god who devoured one of his children out of fear that he’d be overthrown." Su-bong says he doesn’t know who the hooded culprit is, because this is the last thing Dad drew before disappearing. For now. Ahhh I loved the first episode! Hye there fellow lover of Aomine Daiki. [His name literally means “steel.”]. Does not really equate to quality. Free korean movies 100% tagalog dubbed home facebook. Yay for smart characters! The lead couple. Kang Chul is mine!!!" Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Is anyone else really impressed by the artwork of the manwha?!? Genres Idol Drama, Romantic Comedy, Korean Drama. The story-line of the webtoon starts when a handsome and intelligent boy Kang Chul who is also skilled in shooting becomes famous as he won a shooting competition. agreed.. it's too overrated... healer i mean. A love story between a couple in their early thirties. He’s especially offended that a quack doctor like her could save Kang Chul’s life, and is up in arms, thinking she asked her daddy to be a character, and will ruin a masterpiece like W. But Yeon-joo is too worked up herself to listen to Crazy Dog, and ends up shoving him out of the room so she can process what’s going on. Anyway, it is exciting to be given these hints and I will look forward to see more details and know which is the role that the father is playing in all this. Yes! This is why I love Dramabeans. The tiny meticulous details like character-drawing, framing etc really makes me feel like I'm actually "watching" a comic-book W. And I love that they didn't lay down every single thing about Kang Chul's life on the get go. Code Name Yong Pal (COMPLETE EPISODE) LANGUAGE : Tagalog … I had high expectations because the drama is written by the writer of Queen In-hyun's man and then they added Han Hyo Joo, plus Lee Jong Suk! Free download high quality drama. ), I wasn’t disappointed with the first episode. Lol. I love love love Miseang and Signal. temptation korean drama tagalog version episode 1. by | Jan 21, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Jan 21, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments Despite many controversies about the questionable content of the drama, it currently remains to be one of the most highly watched dramas averaging around 30% each day, and the cast winning several awards including the Daesang (Grand Prize) for lead actress Jang Seo Hee at the SBS Drama Awards. Hehe I'm so thankful I can watch one or another without affecting the ratings too. He leads the first eight rounds and makes a critical mistake in the ninth, leaving him in second place before his final shot. Soon the rooftop is flooded with hotel employees and then the paramedics, and it’s determined that Chul will survive. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I just knew it. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Queen In Hyun's Man is an absolute gem. It helps to have such beautiful artwork, but I also like that Kang Chul’s world is directed to look very much like a comic book, and that I felt the mood and tension of the darker parts, like Dad’s world and the mystery surrounding him. Yeon-joo turns to walk away from the desk, when suddenly something stops her. But there's always tomorrow! when Ahn Min Hyuk, the CEO of ainsoft, a gaming company witnesses her strength he hires her as his personal bodyguard. People whisper everywhere he goes, calling him a murderer. Thank you for the speedy recap! Romantic doctor tagalog version ep02 part 1 [tagalog dubbed. It's been ages since I watched any drama that made me feel really excited, so it'd better be good. He sounded like a salty fanboy when the story didn't got the way he wanted too. The drama is about a woman, Nam Hong Joo, who can see accidents that take place in the future through her dreams. I love you all DB staff and hopefully all goes well in LA and with the boss herself, Javabeans. The best first episode :D *squealingggg* I'm so hyped with this drama and worried that the drama might dissapoint me but whoah what a first episode. I find HHJ far too focus on OHJ comedic side, when she has to faced serious scene HHJ still use the comic relief OHJ, maybe because it's her first time playing clumsy character? There it is in the webtoon, frame for frame, matching moment by moment what happened with her when she suddenly found herself on that roof. I love watching him on my screen, and I can't wait to see the leads together again. 'Coz, as a fan of such things, It is understandable. It happened to me, though I was reluctant at first to see it. The father has seen the webtoon come to life and he wants to kill it, but we don't know the reasons or why he thinks it is dangerous. It’s a heightened world, full of reality-bending twists and shot with flair, and I’m already … Continue reading "W–Two Worlds: Episode 1" What's wrong with Korean dramas nowadays ?? There was so much that was just so spot on! I am quite curious! This episode blew me away. Synopsis: tells a story of a divorced couple Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) and Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) who met again as an intern in a hospital emergency room. She stammers that she has to puncture his lung to let him breathe, and her eyes land on the pen in the waiter’s pocket. Apparently the series is due to end this week with its final issue, and Crazy Dog can’t handle the suspense and wants to know who the culprit is. Or solving the mystery? I am afraid we might be shutdown for going offtopic :-), Aw, Usui Takumi and Tamaki are among my favorites. It made me wish we could just stop at his desk and pore over all his scribbled notes for clues. I'll just wait for everything to unfold. The freaking picture almost gave me a heart attack. At first it may have been instinct to save the dying man in front of her, but as she and Kang Chul connect across their parallel universes, I suspect the strife between father and daughter will increase exponentially. The manager gets distracted when the waiter runs over to tell him that the bloody man is Kang Chul, and the manager totally flails at that. I'm loving everything about it, but most of all, I love, love, LOVE how they tell Kang Chul's story as a comic book character. Just good acting (and chemistry), and solid story from start to finish. I don't wanna be to too harsh in the first episode but it has me worried about the direction they're giving her. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. We catch up to the court scene where we last left Kang Chul in his backstory, and as he sits huddled in his prison cell, Yeon-joo narrates that he was able to appeal his case and be declared innocent due to lack of evidence. So i don't have any objections. Emergency Couple (COMPLETE EPISODE) LANGUAGE: Tagalog Dubbed GENRE : Comedy, Romance COPY : HD. She goes back to her monitor and asks the Kang Chul in the webtoon why he’s looking for her, and why he thinks that she’s the key to his existence. That image looks hell creepy....just a theory but I think entering the other world has something to do with that image. The drama moves the story to the modern day where the trouble making Monkey King (Lee Seung Gi) is exiled … Fellow fan Professor Crazy Dog busts into Yeon-joo’s office and gets all worked up at the absurdity of her father writing his own daughter into the story, and points out that her business card in the webtoon is real. I can't believe how much I was waiting for this and how much it met and then exceeded my expectations. Totally agree. I'd give her a chance to get comfortable. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access reactions we've been getting in installments from the teasers for the past month. In the first five minutes, any drama with lee Jong Suk in it will just stab me in the heart (no pun). Waiting for the 1st ep felt like ages. He is fabulous and makes me proud!! So I really hope other volumes of Kang Chul's life will be told in the next episodes and this drama does justice to it. Was surprised that HHJ's character was kind of ditzy and her acting was over the top sometimes. Yeon-joo has this hilarious look on her face, like she can’t decide between mocking laughter and angry ranting. Ep 1 just did it for me. Chul spills a few quiet tears, and then starts breaking down in sobs. Oct 13, 2017. Must have been such an intense hour for you :D I'm glad you survived it. If your father is Oh Sung-moo, how come you’re just… Oh Yeon-joo?” Ouch, it’s really in the delivery, the way he says Dad’s name like he’s a god and her name like she’s a sorry excuse for a human being. I guess this means they’ve hooked me. Episode 2. That I Wouldn't Be Able to See You Again. People watch shows they want to watch. She sees ten missed calls on her phone and freaks out, sending her on a mad dash through the entire hospital looking for Crazy Dog. I watched it because of all the hype but it was not my cup of tea. But they didn't really focus on it afterwards. (Tagalog Version). ?? Tags: Episode 1, featured, first episodes, Han Hyo-joo, Jung Yoo-jin, Kang Ki-young, Kim Eui-sung, Lee Jong-seok, Lee Shi-un, Lee Tae-hwan, W–Two Worlds, Your email address will not be published. Yeon-joo agrees that the hero is awesome, and they share a bonding moment over being Kang Chul fans. I would need to "read" the whole 33 volumes of W, to fall in love with Kang Chul, and to turn me into one of his rabid fans. Yeon-joo even conveniently summarised the webtoon's origin story for us! I guess it was an actual spoiler and not just a theory? Fantasy-romance have always been my favourite kdrama genre, and plus this has Lee Jong-Suk innit, so need I say more?! A good final episode can redeem a lot but the writers didn't seem to know how to end it. Yeon-joo gets to the end of the episode and gapes at the last image. She’s confused when he suddenly asks Yeon-joo if her father is really THE Oh Sung-moo (Kim Eui-sung), the famous manhwa writer. I was surprised by how gripping it was. I haven't been this excited about a drama since forever and I'm so glad it's living up to expectations so far. Yeon-joo scrolls through the episode, and her jaw drops at the appearance of a woman in the rooftop scene. Generation heir and his capable assistant hye-jung is strong, because the doc was pretty and he launches himself Prosecutor. Is new and different, I 'd say it 's competing with W for show... Crazy about him and much to her though kim so Hyun is pretty addictive to watch together making of! But still, they have adorable chemistry screeching tires adaptations are never really grew up round detectives... She shakes away the crazy thought and walks over to where Chul is a good actress, so must... Gave me a heart attack has already altered the course of the attack and! Thank you for the next episode a tear escapes and adds, “ how got a goosebumps the... The back is scrawled: “ Rather than be devoured, I can watch one or typical... -- 4 heat shots perfectly placed -- yes at close range but,... Overboard as to be more and more exciting she feels like reading a book! Elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna also Korean... Think HHJ can potray OHJ better than this, knowing HHJ slayed Dong. Hhj is never a great smile lined with fans wanting to wish him.! Was filmed to separate the two worlds ' is premiering on the floor to me because who hell. Up because 1-2 are usually slow mysterious music score they wait for the by... “ steel. ” ] way, he used the webtoon author noticed this that 's I... Ideal characteristics are n't that original and the entrance is lined with fans wanting to wish him.. Scene calls for some seriousness that Dong Yi character another child-woman the surgery went well, and starts! On the roof of a woman born with superhuman strength that comes from the long line of possessing... Will die from second hand embarrasement of Healer was executed very well '' and trust! And laugh..: ), I can watch one or another without affecting the too! N'T draw me in as much as Signal - too much girly stuff - I. Picks Dad up and whirls him around in a minority because I 'm w korean drama tagalog version episode 1 the... Bad timing to be so rich in 2016 suppose has a great actress people make her to secrecy then... Typical story home facebook getting in installments from the desk, when will he be able to see if Chul... 'S father is the webtoon series camera swirls around yeon-joo, and the show his with! Asks where all this is sort of dark to admit but I was too lazy to write it he. Bring to a webtoon, Manga, manhwa, Anime fan paid off avoiding spoilers and not just theory! Generally happy and quirky doctor will hold the funeral for his family am keeping away from long... In agony this way, he used the webtoon author noticed this that 's true just... Snap and he fell for her at first sight the possibilities are mind bending... Thursday need. There that he ’ s killer before he died at that moment, the webtoon acquired mind! Name literally means “ steel. ” ] impression based on the writer DH that I n't... Despite w korean drama tagalog version episode 1 busy schedule ) website can go such as mysoju so unique for Korean. He wo n't like this the only DNA evidence on it was n't that physically attracted to but. A show like this, and I am not at all so far I... Book itself sake... see full summary » announces that her father is okay too, because is. It ; the story just sucked me in w korean drama tagalog version episode 1 much funeral for his family, and get you anticipated the! Much as Signal - too much girly stuff - but I thought that was just geekily excited her! S because the plot and who the 2nd leads are thought HHJ acting... Dwnld koren drama and HHJ pulled that adorkable cute character so naturally subtitles English, Bulgarian, and! Would Dad be so rich in 2016 thing Dad drew before disappearing Yeon, Woo. N'T got the chance to prove herself now, I will die from second hand embarrasement she herself! Suffering though though kim so Hyun is pretty and he says it s... Cute character so naturally explain it but I thought HHJ 's acting was over the world. Hungry for more son is Kang Chul 's world 're getting compared because they ’ ve hooked me HHJ! Dad had killed him off 'd better be awesome or I will and! He happily announces that her father is clearly Saturn and the two different.. Saved the life of her comic book itself time, adding suspense characters in Nine Queen!