DO NOT MOUNT THE BIKE. I'm the smartest. Roll the motorcycle up the ramp into the truck (probably a good idea to have an assistant or two to help balance), and then use ratchet straps to tie it down securely. MotoJitsu 59,343 views. One person pushes and guides the bike up a ramp to the point where the front wheel is on the truck, keeping a hand on the bar so that he/she can hold the brake lever at appropriate times. Have I ever loaded a bike with a long 2x8? The vehicle:The first and most important tool is the vehicle hauling the bike. This Bike Loader transforms your pickup truck, RV or hauler into a safe affordable way to transport your favorite Motorcycle! Depending on how much you carry, however, added weight can affect wear and tear on the whole bike, including suspension, tires, drive train, and brakes. Learn how to properly load and transport your trailer as trailer expert, Sperry Hutchinson goes through every step of the process. The Cruiser Caddie Automatic Loading System is a lightweight motorcycle ramp and security system designed to load your bike onto a truck no matter what style or size bike or truck. How To Load A Motorcycle Into A Truck By Yourself ~ MotoJitsu - Duration: 26:27. Discount Ramps is the perfect place to acquire the proper equipment. One should be hard fastened the other is highly recommended. YEAH! Load your bike into your pickup truck with these top motorcycle ramps Entering our 7th season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, and with millions of YouTube and … This is how you do it. MotoJitsu® disclaims any liability incurred in connection with the use of the concepts outlined on this channel/books/videos. I'm the smartest. While your car may have enough capacity to carry a hitch carrier, a bumper or a spare tire could be deterring. It is expensive because it works. This is how to load a motorcycle into a truck. back when I was in college I would load the scoot in the back of the truck so I could have both up there. We offer designs for Harley Davidson, Choppers, Sports bikes, double systems, even for loading behind truck cabs of larger trucks. Two rules come with loading your dirt bike, motorcycle or ATV into a truck bed. Generally, motorcycle-specific equipment costs a snotload of money. This is how to load a motorcycle into a truck. 26:27. We use some simple loops made from tubular webbing. How to Load a Motorcycle onto a Ramp Trailer Transport your motorcycle the right way with the right equipment. Take 2,500lbs from the ground to the bed of a truck with the push of a button. Turn your truck off and apply the e-brake. Motorcycle loading is a critical exposure with inherent risks that are far different than riding. You alone are responsible for your own safety. It has only one seat, but it’s accessible with doors on both sides. You're getting ready to load your bike into your truck or trailer, and you don't want to wrestle with it - you want to ride or walk it up … The loading process is simple if you follow the proper steps to minimize the risks of injuring yourself or tipping your bike! A dedicate… Whether you’re looking to do a ride in far-off places and you want to do must of the highway driving in the comfort of a truck, or if you’ve got dirt bikes and a fair bit of pavement between you and where the dirt starts, it’s important to know how to load a motorcycle in a truck or even a trailer. Loading your motorcycle into the bed of your pickup truck might be a daunting task for some, but with the right technique and the correct equipment it can be as easy as getting dressed in the morning. You will need to take it off when loading/unloading. Be sure to check out my other YouTube channel as well: Attach one end of the straps to the truck’s tie-down hooks, and lay the other ends of the strap along the top edges of the truck bed. By adding this light weight 210 pound Bike loader to your vehicle you will find ease and comfort knowing your bike wont be damaged or destroyed during loading and transportation. Reality Check: Serious vehicle damage, injury and even death can and does happen in the act of loading and unloading a motorcycle on a pick-up truck or a motorcycle trailer. I normally backed the truck into the ditch in front of my parents house and could ride the bike right up in, and then back the truck up to some steps of a building on campus and ride the bike down the handi-cap ramp The tailgate does close. This motorcycle truck bed loader has an effort free and unique return system. Loading a motorcycle into a truck is a delicate dance best performed with two people. It requires different skills, knowledge and the right equipment. What You’ll Need: Two arched folding ramps with security straps You do load with the tailgate on. Of course. !http://www.rhokmotocrew.comForce Rider Motorcycle Gear Save some Money, Save your ASS Stickers and RMC stickers \u0026 swaghttp://www.rhokmotocrew.comDrift Action Camera off with Code: SNAKEGH13(works for everything but the Ghost S)Rhok Moto Crew (RMC): hotline 940 600 4053LoudandDave only if you want to,\u0026hosted_button_id=DSV4PQ4B2L28E Motorcycles can be a great way to commute, transport smaller stuff from point A to B, or travel, sightsee and tour. They offer multiple options for loading all variations of motorcycles. If you pull a travel trailer with a standard hitch, you can still attach the trailer with a Rampage and bike loaded in your truck. Loading a two- or four-wheeler into the bed of your truck shouldn't be hard but so many, somehow, turn this venture into must-see TV. Please subscribe to this channel and don't forget to click the \"like\" button to help promote these videos! There are several things that you need know about loading a motorcycle in a pickup. The Cruiser Ramp Pick Up Loader was designed to be a effective way to load and unload a full size motorcycle in the bed of a pickup truck. Technically, the Solo is a motorcycle, though it’s fully enclosed and drives like a car with a steering wheel and foot pedals. This seems pretty straightforward. Once you’ve got the process down, you can load just about any bike easily, without all the sketchiness you often see when people load and unload motorcycles! This is done walking beside the bike, one on each side. Was it a good idea? Start by getting the bed/tailgate as low as possible—here the back of the truck … Thanks everyone for your questions, comments and support for what I do.- YouTube: Discord: - Patreon: Donate: Instagram: Books/Merch: Website: to send me something?Fast EddieP.O. Solo Motorcycle Load up into F150 pickup - … Yes! Youth and exuberance, together with a short lightweight ramp, can load dirt bikes into a jacked-up 4x4. The Cruiser Ramp system will accommodate the standard 5'-6", 6'-6", and 8' bed lengths. This carrier comes with a 57.5” x 5.5” ramp making it effortless for you to load a motorcycle with a weight of up to 500lbs. From motorcycle towing to patio pavers, the AmeriDeck™ in-bed left system makes hauling easier … This is an area that you don’t want to be lazy or in a hurry, it’s important that … What’s the point of saving money on a transport tool you need, only to go back and spend it on paint and body work to repair damage caused by a loading mishap? Now I show my skills.This is the other way to load a motorcycle into a truck is about ratchet bitches on FaceBook on Twitter!/thegardensnakeRHOK Motorcycle gear THE BEST GEAR EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Get Your Ramp Set up. If you have a truck with an 8 foot bed, it is possible to install the Rampage so that you can close the tailgate when traveling. Although I’m giving you a list of the best pickup truck motorcycle ramps that will get the job done, I would strongly urge you to take a look at the What makes a great motorcycle loading ramp buyers guide at the end of this article. YEAH! Yes! The movable rails make enough space as you can shift it close to or away from the vehicle. Don't load it alone Don't ride it onto the truck These machines are heavy. While we’d like to ride our motorcycles everywhere, that’s not always possible. The hydraulic motorcycle loader and storage system option is so simple and durable. Box 90444San Diego, CA 92169Ride at your own risk. So to help you all out, we put together a simple way to load a motorcycle into a truck safely and securely. Transport your motorcycle the right way with the right equipment. Attach your tie-down loops to the forks or bars of the motorcycle before you start loading, as long as they won’t get in the way of the loading process. Not really. If it isn’t done … 1 Make sure your truck is parked in a flat area, or backed up on a slight incline, as that will help reduces the angle of your ramp for easier loading. Full Width Motorcycle Ramps. This Motorcycle Loader takes all the work out of loading or unloading your full size bikes. Locate the tie-down points at lower corners on the truck bed, which is very important. How to load a motorcycle into a truck ~ MotoJitsu - YouTube